The Impact of Health Care Reform on Physician Liability Exposure





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Is Health Care Reform Creating Malpractice
Liability For Your Medical Practice?

Find out how health care reform may be creating an environment
that puts your medical practice at risk for malpractice liability.

Learn what to watch out for and how to protect your practice:

  • Impact of high deductible plans - what to do when patients refuse medically necessary services due to cost/high deductibles  
  • Increased patient volume and ability to meet patient needs in terms of staffing, timeliness of appointments and administrative capabilities  
  • Increased collections efforts/difficulties and their relationship to more malpractice lawsuits  
  • Increase in the use of practice extenders and liability for inappropriate supervision and legal compliance with state and federal laws  
  • Liability derived from partners in integrated health care model  
  • Handling a potentially less healthy population and the impact on physician quality of care and defensive medicine practices  


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April 2014 Presenters:

Bradley A. Netzel


Ericka Adler,
J.D., LL.M

Kamensky Rubinstein
Hochman & Delott, LLP


Bradley A. Netzel


Veronica Brattstrom,
Senior Risk Management Consultant,