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Thanks for joining us on Thursday, March 19th at 7:30 am for:

How to Leverage the Power of Social Media & Reviews

A referral is only the beginning when it comes to recruiting new patients and earning their loyalty.

Social media and medical rating sites have more influence than ever as more U.S. citizens obtain health insurance.

Patients are comparison shopping for their healthcare providers like they would a new home. Poor web presence, or worse yet, poor ratings can put your out of the running and greatly diminish your reputation and your practice's profitability.

Independent Physicians are well-suited to THRIVE from this Social Change
This seminar will teach you the importance of social media, how to leverage the power of it without fear, and how to positively engage patients in reviewing your performance.

You will learn:

  • Establishing Presence:
    Developing your Web Site + Content worth sharing
  • Broadcasting Your Message:
    Choosing what social channels are best for your practice
  • Building Positive Ratings:
    Building a proper physician profiles and generating valuable, positive patient reviews
  • The "Do's and Don'ts" of responding to Bad or False Reviews
  • Measuring Value:
    Knowing which tools are best for monitoring and measuring social media impact


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March 2015 Presenter:

Maureen Uy


Maureen Uy
Managing Partner
Uy Creative Communications, LLC.


David Adler


David Adler
Adler Law Group