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Reputation Management PDF



Thank you for joining us on Thursday, October 15th for:
Patient Payment Optimization:
5 Steps for Improvement

With the rise of consumer-directed healthcare and high deductible plans, the increase in patient financial responsibility is impacting medical groups. Medical groups are experiencing an increase in patient out-of-pocket payments. For many practices, patients are or will be one of the top 5 largest payers. Effectively managing patient liability and accounts receivable is key to avoiding a reduction in profit margin. Based on recent statistics, if medical groups do not redesign how they manage the patient collections process, they can anticipate a 5-10 percent reduction in their bottom line.

How can medical groups change patient payment behaviors to optimize this major source of revenue?

This presentation provides an overview of a "best practice" patient collections process and introduces a five-step approach for improving the process. The objective is for medical groups to:

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Decrease their cost to collect
  • Decrease bad debt
  • Increase their patient collections

Strategies to meet these goals are discussed, including process redesign, patient engagement/education, and technology optimization (or automation). An assessment tool and key performance metrics to help medical groups optimize payment are included.


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October 2015 Presenter(s):

Lucy Zielinski


Lucy Zielinski
Vice President