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Thanks for joining us on Thursday, March 17th at 7:30 am for:
Managing Your Digital Presence
to Reach, Recruit & Retain Patients

Patients are being bombarded with every day with media messaging trying to sell them the latest product or services.

Big healthcare providers think the louder and more they blast out their drone messages, the better the consumer patient will hear them.

But consumers are becoming more discerning and researching the validity of those messages more than ever.

This is why they'll choose a savvy message and targeted campaign by independent medical practice over the noise.

This breakfast seminar will teach you how to:

  • Market your practice without breaking your budget
  • Make Your Brand + Message Memorable
  • Develop a Practice Web Site that's compliant and attractive
  • Develop & Distribute Meaningful Content
  • Leverage Video to extend your practice's capabilities and services
  • Choose & Leverage the right Social Channels to deliver your message
  • Reach new patients with the latest digital advertising technology.

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March 2016 Presenters:

Maureen Uy


Maureen Uy
Managing Partner
Uy Creative Communications LLC



Ericka Adler


Julie Feldman
Feldman Media LLC