Sponsor:Sponsor: SolutionReachThanks for having joined us on Thursday, September 15th at 7:30 am for:
The Independent Choice:
The Pros and Cons of Staying Independent
and the Alternatives

Join us to address some of most pressing questions and concerns which independent physicians are facing when trying to decide whether to stay independent, sell to a hospital or other organization or merge with other practices in order to form a larger practice. This presentation will examine the pros and cons of each options and some of the issues which can often be overlooked in negotiating a successful transaction. Attendees are also welcome to submit questions which will also be addressed during the presentation.

Some topics that were covered::

  • What are the benefits of selling your practice and what will you give up if you do?
  • What contract points should you focus on when negotiating the sale of your practice and what are the costly mistakes to avoid?
  • What should negotiated employment contracts and non-competes look like if you do sell?
  • What are the legal and operational issues to consider if you choose to merge with other practices?
  • What errors do merged providers make when forming a “supergroup”?
  • Is there an option to stay independent and what does the future healthcare landscape look like for independent physicians?
  • What are the financial issues to consider, such as:
    • How will your practice be valued, and what are the legal requirements for the valuation?
    • What are the tax implications of selling or merging your practice and what are the most advantageous structures?


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September 2016 Presenters:

Ericka Adler


Ericka Adler
Roetzel & Andress



Larry Ellisco


Larry Ellisco